RGB Sports 1000 Committee Meeting October 2018

RGB Sports 1000 Committee Meeting October 2018

Postby ColinChapman » Wed Nov 07, 2018 8:01 pm

RGB Sports 1000 (2 part) Committee meeting via Skype – October 24th and October 29th 2018

On Call: James, Tim, Charlie, Colin, (Apologies Olly)

1. Managing costs – as summarised in the last meeting notes, we are looking at 3 specific measures we could incorporate in the regs that would have minimal impact on existing competitors but help keep the long term cost of competition down and help protect our position in terms of offering the best performance per pound of any UK racing championship. Thank you for all the feedback. There appears to be mixed views so we plan to quantify the degree of support (or not) via a vote of 2018 RGB 1000 Registered drivers. Look out for the vote very soon.
Action: 1) Charlie & Tim to draft the voting form and process.

2. 2019 Regs – Ride height: We plan to clarify the regs and work with the Chief Scrutineer on how the club can improve the testing regime around ride height. The intent of the regs clarifications will not be to constrain or curtail the use of springs and dampers to achieve lower ride heights on track under dynamic conditions than under static test conditions. The intent of the changes will be to ensure that any device having the effect of lifting or controlling ride height (from the cockpit or otherwise) for the purpose of lifting ride height to pass the static ride height test, will not be permitted. Examples might be any mechanism that produces a change rocker arm motion ratio, any hydraulic mechanism or any mechanism for adjusting spring platforms. Action: Charlie/Tim to draft proposed regs clarification

3. Multiple Car Use: We have been asked to consider banning the use of multiple cars by a single driver at a single event. We agreed to draft a proposal for the regs and put it to a vote of registered drivers. The proposed draft will broadly say that you must race in the car in which you qualified. If you cannot but are able to source another (eligible and scrutineered) car for a race, then you must start from the back of the grid and will be required to go through post race eligibility scrutineering. Actions: Tim/Charlie to create the voting process.

4. Mobile Rolling road – we are aware of a new mobile rolling road that may be able to attend some of next year’s championship rounds. This one will be able to accommodate RGB cars (the club one cannot). When we get further information we will advise in case anyone wants to take advantage of this service.

5. Committee members – Both Tim and Colin plan to step down from the RGB Sports 1000 committee over the winter (after something like 10-12 years each on the committee). We have had interest from several drivers interested in joining the committee (thank you to all of you) and discussions are ongoing. Please contact a committee member as soon as possible if anyone else would like to volunteer.

End of meeting
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