Draft 2019 Regulations

Draft 2019 Regulations

Postby tc6af » Tue Dec 11, 2018 9:37 pm

A big thank you to everyone who took part in the RGB Sports 1000 2019 regulations survey and for all the feedback we've received on the future of the formula.
We surveyed the drivers and manufacturer representatives separately. Here are the results of that survey and in accordance with those results we have a draft set of the 2019 regulations.

Please note that currently, we don't have the regulations in place for the tyre restrictions, this is pending confirmation and viability with the club for the admin and scrutineering process, this is taking a little longer than expected however we're optimistic this will be resolved soon, we wanted everyone to have sight of the regulation changes as early as possible.
Also, the results of the survey favoured an even split of x2 18-minute races. Due to the advanced planning of the race schedules by the club we have been unable to incorporate that change for 2019.

Ignore the paragraphs marked in yellow, they contain dates and prices that will updated by the club on official publication.

Summary of the key changes:

1. Removing previous year restrictions on eligibility for the sporting cup.
2. Implementing the cost saving measures for differentials, brakes and suspension
3. Clarifications on use of more than one car over a race weekend
4. Clarifications for the static ride height and the testing procedure.
5. Clarifications for the rear bulkhead technical regulations

Pending changes:

1. Tyres will be restricted to 14 per season (new or existing)

All feedback is welcome. We will be posting this on the Facebook group and the forum.

2018 Committee (Tim, Colin, Olly, James, Adrian and Charlie)

Draft 2019 Regulations
Survey Results 2019 Regs - Drivers
Survey Results 2019 Regs - Manufacturers
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